100 Best Tattoo Ever Made In The World Men / Women

The three days of the ' Tattoo Expo offers you the possibility to see 170 international tattoo and intertwined events such as art exhibitions, performances, concerts, workshops, contests and much more. Many events will be organised to combine art, culture and leisure. From dance competitions, hip hop, performances by famous rapper acrobatic performance. Not only fun but also an occasion for social commitment with the promotion of new ideas for youth entrepreneurship, enlarging the tourist attractiveness of Naples to a young world, the bearer of messages new and unconventional.


Adrian Esteban Silva

Studio: Adriano Esteves TATTOO
Address: Rua José Dias da Silva, 89-1, 2600 Vila Franca de Xira, Lisbon, Portugal
Phone: +39 3208603742
Mobile phone: +351 919304074
Facebook: http://facebook.com/adrianoestevestattoo
E-mail: adriano.estevesilva@hotmail.com

Adriano was born in 1970 in Belo Horizonte (MG). In Brazil learn to consider the true art tattoo alongside masters like Luciano Said, Professor in the school of DermaFrance Tattoo, and Belin (Belin Tatuagem) both of Belo Horizonte; arrived in Portugal in 2003, does not fail to try the comparison with artists such as Theo Pedrada and Carlos Amorim, with whom tightens first professional relationships and friendships. In its continuous search for improvement in 2011 participates in World Wide Tattoo Conference in Rome. Realism, New School and Eastern Europe will always his favorite styles.
Today Adrian works permanently in Lisbon and, periodically, in London and in Italy, has customers from all over Europe but not lost humility, patience, smile, perfectionism, dedication and passion for the tattoo, which characterize it.

Alessandro Iachetti

Address: 5, via macerata, ascoli piceno, 63100 Italy
Phone: 3683173763
E-mail: info@jakotattoo.it

Alessandro Lai

Studio: Scribe Tattoo
Address: Via Circumvallazione 189, 80059, Torre del Greco, Naples, Italy
Phone: 0818816964
E-mail: joelangella@yahoo.it

Alessandro Sabatino

Studio: Studioventuno Tattoo & Art Gallery
Address: via delle botteghelle 30, Salerno sa, Italy
Phone: 089 3180396

Arnaldo Bel Fiore
Address: Grado, Cervignano del Friuli, Italy
Website: www.alexdepasetattoo.com

Alex De Pase was born in Grado, a small island in the North East Italy in 1975. It is a versatile artist, he devoted himself to the art on the skin (tattoo), airbrushing, painting and drawing.

Alex brings forward an idea of freedom to release the tattoo world from classic icons, those styles and those that characterize it and that does not always belong to the culture of those who run, turning a practice as old as the world into a full-fledged art form on a very special support.

Alex is recognized as one of the best tattoo artists in the field of portrait and realism, run seminars on the tattoo

Address: Piazza Ciardi, j., 83030 Manocalzati, Avellino, Italy
Website: www.mojotattoo.net

Ambrogio Lorenzetti

Studio: Perseverarte
Address: Via XXV Aprile, 24, 18100, Imperia, Italy
Mobile phone: 3331015826
P. Iva: P.I. 01335550081
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ambrotattoo
E-mail: ambrotattoo@live.it

Andrea De Giorgi

Studio: Ex 33 Radio-Sgrounch
Address: Via Giammatteo 33, 73100, Lecce, Italy
Phone: 0832 1692915
Phone: 340 3427140
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sgrounch

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